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Welcome to Nordic Walking for Wellness (NWFW)

Training for Health, Wellness, Conservation and Artistic Expression


Training for Health, Wellness, Conservation and Artistic Expression
According to research studies, Mother Country of Nordic Walking, Finland has abouthalf a million Nordic Walkers. In the world, there are approximately over 10 million Nordic Walkers walking with Poles – in the Cities, Parks, Beaches and up in the Mountains. These figures are constantly increasing as people realize the benefits of this best All-in-One Workout in the World!

A Multi-Linguist of Lebanese Origin Global Nomad from Finland, land of Nordic Walking, I am glad to promote in whichever country I will happen to be residing/commuting this All-in-One safe, fun, social and beneficial for your Health and Fitness Full Body Workout,
as easy as walking yet as effective as Cross Country skiing
for people from all ages.

Stay tuned to my Blog for News and Updates on the Basic Nordic Walking technique courses and trained members Groups Walks and Events in the UAE and MENA the region aside from Europe and rest of the World where Nordic Walking is not yet as widely known and practiced outdoors and get motivated by my Leisure and Outdoors Pole Walks related to Health and

Biodiversity Conservation Artistic Projects to inspire Nordic Walkers to Walk outdoors with Poles for Wellness and to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle in sustainable eco-tourism travel destinations
locally, regionally and in the rest of the World

Our Mission

To Teach and Train people from various nationalities and physical abilities to get out of their sedentary lifestyle and to become active by learning the Nordic Walking technique with the proper training and equipment by signing-up to Nordic Walking for Wellness courses and trained members beneficial, enjoyable and social Nordic Walks to improve their learned technique and maintain their fitness levels and to share with you News and Updates on the latest research studies from Finland and International groups on related Health benefits topics.

To Increase the number of trained members of Nordic Walking for Wellness Groups in the UAE and MENA Region aside from Europe and rest of the World to walk everywhere in the City’s Parks, by the beaches, Corniche, in National Parks, mangroves, desert, beaches, mountains, villages and

To Inspire as many people to Nordic Walk outdoors Cultural Heritage trails in sustainable local, regional eco-tourism and Cultural Heritage and UNESCO World heritage destinations and to motivate them to practice this fun and physical fitness sport activity with family and friends outdoors through Biodiversity Pole Walks and Climbs: hiking, trekking and Nordic walking vertical meters (mountain climbing) trips in various terrains and environments for Health and Wellness, with care and sensitivity to each of the indigenous people’s cultural heritage and our Planet’s Biodiversity Conservation causes portrayed in my Biodiversity themed Arts projects Gallery.

To Promote a healthy balanced lifestyle and the concept of slow living and slow foods and slow eating traditional local cuisine which encourages farming of plants, seeds and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem and Satoyama like concepts and landscapes.