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Nordic Walking for Wellness (NWFW) Biodiversity Walks

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In Finland, Nordic Walking training is also practiced as a “pause exercise” in the middle of working days as it refreshes the mind and lower back from sitting in the same position at work.

Once you’ve completed your training and became proficient with the Nordic Walking Technique, you will be able to benefit from our Nordic walks led by NWFW Team Leader Instructor for trained and fit members who would like to join Nordic Walking for Wellness seasonal outdoors and non-seasonal indoors NWFW Walks to continue training on the Nordic Walking technique posture, balance and co-ordination and achieve your fitness target levels.

Our Group Walks are also for those trained members on the technique aiming to burn calories in order to loose weight due to lack of exercise caused by knee and lower back joints pains and who would like to release tension from their neck, shoulders and arms while moving all their body muscles at the same time; those who wish to have better posture, shape and coordination, to improve their breathing; and who wish to get away from the City’s hustle & bustle and socialize in a fun and beneficial Group Nordic walk.

NWFW Group Walks are also suitable for those amongst the Nordic Walkers, hikers and trekkers who wish to avoid walking with Poles in high hills, slopes and Vertical Meters (climbing mountains).

(NWFW) trained Activity Leaders work along with the Instructor to increase the number of Nordic Walkers trained on the technique Nordic Walking and to improve their technique and maintain their fitness levels by Nordic Walking regularly and making this all-in-one safe and beneficial body workout as an integral part of their family’s and friends daily wellbeing and social fitness routine.