Care for the Global Community

Welcome to Nordic Walking a source for information on fastest growing fitness trends – Nordic Walking.

The sole purpose of Nordic Walking is to get people active in our Community’s outreach efforts. We welcome Health, Education and Green community institutions and centres, NGO’s, Schools, Wellness, Business industries, Media and Multimedia supporters and other organizations who want to use Nordic Walking as a way to get community members active and support and encourage our  Nordic Walking For Wellness initiative for Health and Conservation in the Arabian Peninsula aside from Europe and rest of the World.

Trained members are welcome to join our main NWFW annual themed “Nordic Walk for Alzheimer” in September, Nordic Walking Day and WHO Move for Health Celebrations in May.


Nordic Walking for Wellness values are building strong ties with our communities. Our goal is inspiring and empowering as many people as possible to resort to Nordic Walking for health prevention and Wellness.

Nordic Walking training ranges from gentle walks for people with health concerns, to workout walks, which are a great way to improve fitness and lose weight.

NWFW will be hosting Travelogues by NWFW Brand Ambassadors and Adventure Nordic Walkers, Explorers, Biodiversity Visual Artists, Mountaineers using Poles in biodiversity UNESCO World Heritage and National Geographic and other rich biodiverse trails from National Parks, to Rainforests, Caves and White Deserts in World Destinations with flora and fauna and endangered wildlife species in our Planet’s Seven Continents.


Let’s band and get out from our sedentary lives comfort zones. Let’s take the initiative and motivate our family, friends, grandparents and our community to meet our Health prevention goals through Nordic Walking to inspire as many people to Nordic Walk outdoors and in Cultural Heritage sustainable and ecotourism trails, through my Nordic Walking training Group Walks and occasional personal hiking, trekking and climbing trips in various terrains and environments for Health and Wellness, with care and sensitivity to our nature’s Biodiversity and to adopt a healthy balanced lifestyle.