My Adventure Treks

Nada’s Motivational Adventure and Trekking Walks with Poles (Mountains Climbing)

Nietzsche, “Many meters above sea level–but how many more above ordinary men!” In Arabic :

“ومن لا يحب صعود الجبال  يعِش أبد الدهر بين الحفر –  فضائل الإمام الشافعى  رضى الله عنه”

About the founder

I love travelling and exploring bio-diverse sustainable regions in the World and I am passionate about Nordic Walking in flat, rocky environment terrains and Vertical Meters scaling (Mountains climbing with poles), exploring ecological cultural heritage and UNESCO World Heritage trails.

I climbed my first mountain, using Poles, in 2013, Mount Toubkal in Marrakech, Morocco, highest mountain in the Atlas and North Africa at 4,167 m for a charity cause for Médeçins sans Frontières “Doctors without Borders” and ever since then I was inspired by the beauty and majesty of Mountains and biodiversity that I am keen in portraying in most of my artworks. (linked to Biodiversity Visual Arts. Gallery).

In my free time, I am glad to inspire, promote and train people on the technique of Nordic Walking in the Cities, Parks, National Parks, Mangroves, Mountains, Rainforests, Desert biomes and Wildlife Reserves trails for Health, Wellness and Conservation causes.

I am glad to share with you the Health benefits of the Nordic Walking technique and my Walks with Poles for Health and Wellness (NWFW) the majority of which are in Cultural Heritage and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites.


Please join me in encouraging your parents, relatives, friends and all whom you care for in engaging alone, in groups and teams into this beneficial healthy Nordic Walking outdoor recreation sports activity suitable for all ages.