Junior Nordic Walk Leader

Junior Nordic Walking Leaders

Junior Leaders also participate in the Basic Nordic Walking theoretical introductory sessions to inspire and motivate younger children on Leadership, Presentation Techniques, Behaviour Management Control and Communications skills in the same way as any Martial Arts sport mastering control and self-esteem.

Junior Leaders assist the Instructor in leading a variety of activities in Nordic Walks Holidays including visual communications, kayaking, games, and songs. They act as role models for Nordic Walkers campers, demonstrating an attitude of respect for the environment, understanding and support of camp rules and regulations implementation and willingness to be proactive in group work and play with everyone at any of the School Holidays Camps.

The Junior Leaders program includes the opportunity for teens to participate in team-building and leadership activities with new peers other than from school during the Holiday camps.

• Applicants must be at least 12 years old
• Applicants must be available to attend training sessions on announced dates
• They should demonstrate evidence of an interest in leading activities coaching / in sporting or non-sporting activities. Successful applicants are likely to participate regularly in extra-curricular activities and must demonstrate their enthusiasm to be involved as a Junior Leader.