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Who We Are

Passionate About Nordic Walking

Launched in Spring 2015, Nordic Walking for Wellness is run by its founder and Team Leader and Lead INWA Certified Nordic Walking Instructor Nada Al Assaad Kivelä and trained Group Leaders enthusiastic members to promote Nordic Walking in the UAE, MENA region amongst the Global Community, with professional training courses based on INWA’s 10 Step Teaching Method, Nordic Walking events ranging from fun and informative Group Walks outdoors with sensitivity to Biodiversity, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Ecotourism Walks and trails and a Slow Living Healthy and Balanced lifestyle to serious Athletic challenges training and Adventure Walks with poles, and providing the latest News and Updates on the latest research studies on the benefits of Nordic Walking and our main yearly NWFW Nordic Day Celebration Walks of May and our Health Prevention themed “Alzheimer Nordic Walk” in connection with World Alzheimer Day in September.

Meet The Team

Nada Al Assaad Kivelä

Nordic Walking for Wellness “Global Nomad” Founder, Team Leader Lead Instructor

Based between Dubai, UAE, Beirut, Lebanon and Espoo, Finland.


A graduate in International Policy Studies from Monterey Institute of International Studies, California, USA in May 1986, Nada is a multi-linguist Libano-Finnish PR and Protocol Liaison Professional, Calligrapher-Biodiversity Artist, Conservation Explorer and Slow Living advocate who enjoys trekking and hiking in World Cultural Heritages trails and pushing her limits every now and then with Adventurous Mountaineering climbs for a charitable cause.
A Community driven, passionate about Nordic Walking and training people to Nordic Walk in fun and social Health and Green Group Walks, Nada trained in February 2015 to become A Certified INWA Nordic Walking Instructor and Nordic Walking for Wellness Founder and Team Leader Groups in the UAE, MENA region and globally to inspire and motivate as many people as possible to train on Nordic Walking and discover its innumerable Health benefits.

Hoda Al Assaad Fairtbotham


Hoda is a well-travelled Senior Executive in numerous International and Multinational entities in Dubai, UAE , she enjoys Nordic Walking and hiking in the UAE and in Yorkshire and participatng in 10 K races.
In March 2013, she joined a Women’s Hiking/Charity initiative in Bokhara, Nepal (14 UAE/Expat ladies) proceeds went to Building a school in the suburbs of Bokhara. Certified First Aid Medic Basic Plus CPR/AED and First Aid-DC-G2010 (Blended) a member of the HSI (Health and Safety Institute). Wellness Ambassador for GCC (Global Children’s Challenge). Get the 2011/2012/2013.
A borderline Diabetic (Wellness for Hoda is optimal) and a way of living and being fit while enjoying the adrenaline boost after Nordic Walking exercise.
According to Research Studies, Diabetic women who were involved in a 12-week Nordic Walking training program had a significant improvement in the metabolism with a reduction in BMI, body weight and an increase in HDL cholesterol in women with type 2 diabetes.
“I benefited so much from learning the Nordic Walking technique and I am enthusiastic for Leading Groups with Nada for Health and fitness. Nordic Walking and moving is a necessity and my way to optimal wellness and a preventive measure for illnesses associated with the fast past of living in the 21st century and sedentary life styles”.

Mona Al Assaad


Mona Al Assaad, Founder of Dubai Art Fans Group, is our Liaison Communications Nordic Walker team member for Biodiversity Visual Arts Projects. She will be linking Nordic Walking for Wellness trained Nordic Walkers and Biodiversity Visual Artists with her Dubai Arts Fans Group followers for Community Projects in Dubai.

Sami Al Assaad Kivela


Sami is our Youth Brand Ambassador, Junior NWFW Team Leader who enjoys, when not studying at school, to participate in Community leadership of little Nordic Walking Children Stars and teaching the technique in a fun and team building Group.
A gifted athlete junior 12 K S Silver race runner is always pushing his limits to achieve higher goals and targets. In July 2012 he climbed with courage and ease the Pulpit Rock in Norway at 600 meters high and in July 2013, he climbed Mount Rigi in Switzerland with his parents at 1800 meters altitude.
He is a charismatic and social technology and Social Media oriented and he is passionate about Kufi Arabic Calligraphy. He is also inspired by Motivational Community Sports Personalities both from the Arab World, Finland, Europe and rest of the World.