Nordic Walking and Slow Eating Mindfuly

Combine your Nordic Walking Mindfully with Eating less and Mindful Eating

What is Nordic Walking Mindfully?

By Nordic walking with Mindfulness, you will be able to connect your mind and body and experience feeling yourself, at one, in full harmony with your surroundings noticing biodiversity elements – nature’s flora and fauna and species. You will be completely benefiting from exercising in the great outdoors as your blocked energy channels (charkras), your six senses and awareness, will open up to enhance and balance your mood and emotions leaving you with a total feeling of freedom, relaxation and wellness.

What is Slow Eating?

As you get older, the amount of lean tissue (muscles) you have in the body decreases unless you remain particularly active. It is these muscles that are efficient at burning calories so it important to keep them working at a level that will ensure they do not continue to decrease.

Nordic Walking uses most of your body’s main muscles and contributes to keep them well toned and in a good condition. .

Physical activity is NOT enough to keep fit and maintain your perfect body weight WITHOUT watching your diet and quantity by burning more calories than calories you consume on a daily basis.

Nordic Walking for Wellness recommends combining a balanced diet with Slow Eating habits with Nordic Walking to loose weight and maintain it with nutritional supplements and probiotics.

Did you ever noticed the time duration in which thin people finish eating their meals? They always finished eating their meals the last.Slow eating is the key for keeping the figure trim.

Most people are nowadays in a hurry and especially when pressured with time and stressed out eat too fast. This results in their gaining too many calories before they already notice that they’ve eaten enough. It takes approximately 20 minutes from the time you start eating for your brain to starts signaling that you are full.

According recent research study on Obesity, it was noted that both overweight men and women consumed fewer calories when they slowed their normal eating pace, therefore it is crucial to chew well the food before swallowing it. As per a recent study involving approximately 1,700 Japanese women, it was concluded that eating in a slower pace more made them feel sooner full and therefore eating less calories during the meals.

Not only does eating slowly and mindfully helps you eat less, it also enhances your sense of taste, your palate.

To master the art of slow eating, eat mindfully in a relaxed environment and focus on your meal.
You may start with a salad or even, dark chocolate or a dessert as long as you only take a couple of bites, eat it and taste it slowly, appreciate its flavor and texture. One sampling bite and enjoying its taste are enough to give you the sweetness and palate satisfaction without additional calories.

What Should You Eat Before Nordic Walking ?

To keep your energy levels up, snacking may be a good option.

Selecting the right foods helps and make sure you’re well hydrated before working out and drinking 2 and half cups of water 1-2 hours before starting your workout.

Super Snacks With Up to 100 Calories

A low-fat snack, of up to 300 calories, that gives you a mixture of protein and complex carbohydrates.
Carbs provide you fuel and Protein is for your muscles.

Recommended snacks :

• Oatmeal with cinnamon and berries and dried raisins or cranberries
• Whole wheat toast slice with nuts butter and sliced bananas
• Fruit smoothie with yogurt and Nuts
• Low-fat yogurt with muesli (granola) and berries
• Half of a lean meat slice sandwich
• Raw veggies with hummus dip
• Whole-grain crackers with 1 ounce of low-fat cheese
• Low fat Soft cheese (Cottage), apples or bananas
• Dried fruits

What You should Avoid Eating Before Exercise :

Try avoiding foods that are high in fat or fiber content which may upset your stomach, take longer to release energy and makes you feeling tired, heavy and sluggish.