Skule Mountain and Skuleskogen National Park, Sweden’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites


After a few days of sailing, a refreshing nature walk can be a great opportunity to “break” the routine aboard. The crews of boats that target the High Coast summer, usually plan several day trips or walks on the beautiful shorelines during a cruise.

Many boats choose to stop a couple of nights in Docksta just for the opportunity to explore Skuleberget mountain in Skuleskogen National Park.

The park is part of the High Coast, a larger Swedish coastal area off the Gulf of Bothnia that is known for its post-glacial rebound. Since the last ice age, the land has risen 800 meters as a result of less weight from melting glaciers. The mountain and national park join Lapland as Sweden’s contributions to UNESCO World Heritage List of Natural Heritage. You can practice your Nordic Walking technique after the boat’s trip by Nordic Walking in vertical meters the Skule Mountain (Skuleberget in Swedish) at 295 m within Skule National Park with contains the most elevated sea cliff in the world near its summit. This can be combined with a hike to the cave and a visit to the Naturum Höga Kusten Museum.