Nordic Walking

Nordic walking, (also called Pole Walking), is a safe, easy, moderate intensity aerobic sport walking technique with poles, which derives from Cross-Country skiing, with specially designed poles similar to ski poles which have been designed to use as much muscle as possible and it uses during regular fitness walking which involves exerting force on the poles with each stride benefiting your whole body movement and building a physical fitness stimulation unlike normal walking, as gentle as normal walking and as effective as skiing or jogging,

benefiting 90% of all your core body muscles all the way from your head to your toes : from your upper chest, lats, shoulders, triceps, biceps, abdominal, spinal to your other body muscles. Nordic Walking has a number of additional health benefits over normal walking. It enables you to consume up to 45% more energy than a normal walk It boosts your general physical fitness and it improves your body shape, posture, balance, coordination and stamina. It enhances your mood and it is also effective for weight loss, joints, low back (lumbar) and heart conditions.
It is also a very effective way to exercise without the extra stress on your muscle and joints and it can be practiced in any location in the city, parks, on the beach, hills and mountains.


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