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Nordic Walking

Nordic walking, (also called Pole Walking), is a safe, easy, moderate intensity aerobic sport walking technique with poles, which derives from Cross-Country skiing, with specially designed poles similar to ski poles which have been designed to use as much muscle as possible and it uses during regular fitness walking which involves exerting force on the […]

Meet The Instructor

Nordic Walking for Wellness is run by its founder and Team Leader and Lead INWA Certified Nordic Walking Instructor Nada Al Assaad Kivelä and trained Group Leaders enthusiastic members to promote Nordic Walking in the UAE, MENA region amongst the Global Community, with professional training courses based on INWA’s 10 Step Teaching Method, Nordic Walking events […]

Biodiversity Conservation

Biological  diversity is the resource upon which families, communities, nations and future generations depend. It is the link between all organisms on earth, binding each into an interdependent ecosystem, in which all species have their role. It is the web of life. We are currently using around 25% or more of natural resources than the planet […]

Green Wellness Walks

Join our Educational, Charming, Relaxing and Social Seasonal Nordic Walking Training holidays…