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Nordic Walking is More Efficient than Normal Walking
A Complete Body Workout Training for Physical and Mental Wellbeing for
All Ages and Physical Conditions

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A sport or activity that involves walking across country with the aid of long poles resembling ski sticks

Train With Us on the Nordic Walking Technique

I welcome you to join our Nordic Walking training sessions by completing the questionnaire and Disclaimer and registering for the Nordic Walking Technique training.

Nordic Walking is a fun social outdoor recreation sport that can be enjoyed, upon learning the technique:

  1. As a fun health-promoting physical fitness activity practiced by almost everyone from any age and any physical fitness ability, with a group of Nordic Walking enthusiasts, family and friends.
  2. Fitness: to improve the technique and maintain a good physical shape/tone and psychological balance, posture coordination and stamina.
  3. As an Athletic sports training such as by preparing for 10K and more races, training for winter Cross Country skiing, hiking, trekking with poles, vertical meters walking with Poles (mountains climbing).

Nordic Walking for Wellness (NWFW) offers course training sessions based on INWA 10 Step Method TM education programme for people who would like to learn the Nordic Walking technique.

The courses are delivered by a certified INWA Nordic Walking Instructor TM to the international standard set out by INWA (International Nordic Walking Federation). This top of the notch instruction training is recognized in over 40 different countries.

Nordic Walking Courses

Nordic Walking for Wellness (NWFW) offers Nordic Walking Basic Technique courses.

Introductory Basic Nordic Walking Technique Training

This training introduces you to the basic technique and benefits of this very effective form of exercise. Nordic walking is like walking with skis and with the correct technique, uses 90% of your body’s muscles, impacting positively your fitness and moral condition, posture, balance, shape and mind.

The course covers the following areas :

  • Learning the Nordic Walking technique based on the 10 Steps INWA Method TM
  • Training Exercises/Drills on the technique

For Trained members on the technique :

Upon completing the Introductory Basic Nordic Walking Course, you may register to join each of our announced workout Group walks which are a great way to improve your fitness, posture, shape and lose weight and our Athletic “Start of the Season Challenge Walks” for training for endurance race competitions.

Nordic Walking Training with the Instructor

Once you have completed the Basic Nordic Walking Technique course, you may join our Group Training to improve your technique and fitness levels.

Athletic Nordic Walking Training

Getting Started with Running Races Season

Join our Nordic Walking for Wellness (NWFW) 12K Nordic Walking in 2 hours – Squad Training for +10k and half marathons running races and Cross Country Skiing holidays.

Signature Nordic Walking Training and Wellness Holidays

Nordic Walking for Wellness runs during the Start of the Season for trained members Nordic Walking training combined with Kayaking “Nordicwalkayak” Week-ends in sustainable ecotourism Wellness destinations.

*Dates and Times will be announced in the Blog.


For successful Nordic Walking it is essential not only to learn the proper technique but to choose the right good quality Poles. It is thus recommended before rushing to start Nordic Walking and purchasing the Poles to FIRST register for your training sessions and then get equipped to join our Group Nordic Walks and other events.

Upon Registering to our Course and Trainings, we recommend that you download and complete our Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) in advance before joining for your first session.

Click here to Download (PAR-Q) Questionnaire


Nordic Walking for Wellness (NWFW) welcomes you to join our training on the technique of Nordic Walking. For your own safety, we urge you not to participate in our Nordic Walking activities unless you are physically fit and not under the influence of any substance or medication that could affect your health. We encourage all members to undergo regular medical Health check ups and to ensure that they have adequate medical insurance.

Training by a Certified Instructor from An Internationally Recognized Association

Your Instructor is certified by British Nordic Walking UK affiliated to the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA)

This implies that your instructor’s training is based on the latest international research on the Nordic Walking teaching technique and health and physical fitness benefits.


What Equipment is Needed?

Choosing the Right Poles

Nordic Walking Wellness (NWFW) uses good quality Nordic Walking poles during instruction which are specifically designed Co-Wound carbon composite Nordic Walking poles.

If you have your poles, please bring them along with you, otherwise a limited quantity of poles matching your size are available for rent during instruction, group walks training.

By using the Nordic walking poles, all your major body muscles are involved.

Poles may look alike when you are purchasing them but be careful to distinguish good quality Nordic Walking Poles which are specially designed to engage muscles of your upper body to create a total body workout from hiking collapsible poles.

Cheap poles will not give you the same advantages of good quality original Nordic Walking Poles, so please don’t take a risk of buying the wrong kind of cheap quality poles. Wrist straps should be of a good quality and well designed to maximize comfort and transfer of power.

Nordic Walking poles must be matching to your height. To find out what is the length pole suitable for your height, have a look at the chart: “Choosing the Right Length Poles

Below are some suggested suppliers of poles. * Outdoors Scandinavia, Finland gives a good discount for a major quantities of Poles for orders of (100+).