Health and Well-Being Outdoors


I encourage you to spend as much time as possible outdoors whenever you have the possibility. Take your time to enjoy the refreshing and energizing great outdoors. It is a well-known fact that Nature has always nurtured the wellbeing of humans.

Spending time in nature used to be part of our daily tasks and also to ensure our survival. People are nowadays turning back to Nature to find their true selves and to revive their feelings and creativity.

Nature and exercise outdoors are the best answer for health and wellbeing for our society. Today people are less active and they rarely engage in physical sports activities, they have sedentary lifestyles with higher obesity rates and are subjected to higher health risks ranging from cardiovascular and stroke disease, Arthritis, mental health problems and type 2 diabetes.

Spending less time in nature may significantly reduce your ability to maintain a balance between your physical and mental health and will negatively impact your social well-being.

According to Research Studies, it has been proven that Nature has a positive impact on your health and improves your well-being as follows :

  • The time that we spent outdoors increases our physical activity levels : Fresh oxygen invigorates the mind and Nature contributes to people to attract people to get moving. We move instantly and briskly outdoors and the physical activity feels less strenuous than when exercising indoors.
  • Nature energizes us and helps us to recover quickly from stress. It clears our minds and improves our ability to focus and it can also reduce our heart pulse rate and our blood pressure.
  • Outdoor activities in nature ameliorates our social well-being and social responsibility in the community. It makes us acquire a more positive attitude vis a vis other people and it enhances our mood.


Set Your Mind to Spend More Time Outdoors

Nature can be enjoyed in many ways by practicing for example Nordic Walking, hiking, Kayaking, paddling and painting outdoors. When you spend time outdoors, the scents, sounds, visual and physical activity experiences enhance your six senses and feeling of well-being. You will retain the positive energy from nature that will last for a while upon returning indoors and a healthier approach to life.

Ensure that the Natural Environment Becomes an Integral Part of Your Daily Life

Incorporate Nature in your daily lifestyle by commuting using public transportation such as the metro to work, school, the Shopping Malls and if you’re living in the midst of the city, try to walk in the week-ends in Parks and in tracks surrounded by greenery and waterfronts. Indoor Green Plants increase the level of well-being indoors. A green living setting contributes to a better health and well-being in many ways. Greener urban cities too have an impact on improved mental well-being.

Enjoy Nature through Photography and Painting of Biodiversity Landscapes

Photographing, taking videos, painting and creating ,a href=”artistic-walks/”>Artistic Biodiversity Visual Arts projects depicting scenes from Nature and landscapes have a soothing effect on the mind, mood and focusing. It has also an impact on recuperating quicker from diseases.